Oscar Campos

The wifey and I at Abobe's Yule Fest 2018

What I’m Working On Now


  1. Being a mindful and patient father to my 4 children
  2. Going from Fat Unfit Dad to Healthy Fit Dad
    1. Being a full blown carnivore since Jan 1, 2019 and no plans of stopping anytime soon!
  3. Daily Intermittent Fasting
    1. Have been 16-8 for a few months, but moving towards 18-6


  1. Currently Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer @ Adobe
    1. Using Angular 6+ with Nrwl tooling, NgRx, and RxJs
    2. Working to upgrade to Angular 8
  2. Working towards becoming a Software Engineering Manager in 2020
  3. My Vacaville Wedding and Portrait Photography business
  4. Learning NodeJs + GraphQL

Currently Reading

  1. Kettlebell Simple & Sinister by Pavel Tsatsouline
  2. Think like a Freak by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen Dubner
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