Minimalist DIY RC Ramp Build

My six year old son has had a love for RC cars since he was three. We gifted him a simple Lightning McQueen race-car. Ever since then he’s been in love. Over the next few years our family members have gifted him several different RCs.

About a week ago, he asked if I could build some ramps for his RC cars which I was excited to oblige! But we had some external requirements from the wifey which were:

  • It cannot be big
  • It cannot take up too much room in the garage
  • She should be able to set it up when I’m at work

So then I also had to take into account that he has different types of RC cars. Bumblebee is by far his fastest and most nimble car and he as a Jackson Storm that is not as able. So I needed to find a design that would work for a range of cars.

A little search on YouTube we found a good design which met all our requirements.


  • Two, 2 foot by 2 foot 1/2 inch wood planks
  • Four, Steel screw eye hooks
  • Four, Quick links
  • Two, 2 inch gate hinges
  • 4 Feet of steel chain (cut into two 2 foot segments)


  • Drill
  • Impact Driver / Screw driver
One of two, 2 foot by 2 foot 1/2 inch wood

These boards are great, pre-cut and about $6 USD each. They greatly simplify the process and no need to cut. Next up I marked what was the top (seam) of each board so that I could measure where I would be adding the screw hooks.

My idea was that each hook should be six inches in from the side and one foot from the top. This would give the ramp the most stability and would also allow it to lay completely flat if needed.

Marked board, with the hooks in place
simple hook

Next we put the quick links in place. These quickly and securely allow us to modify the pitch of the ramp

Finally I marked the spots for the hinges, pre-drilled pilot holes and put the hinges in place. Remember to do one hinge at a time, to ensure that you keep the gap between the two pieces of wood.

Hinge in place

Now I set the chain and we are ready to roll.

chain in place, allow for easy modification

And mom was stoked about the final footprint when stored away!

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